Metal Prints


Do you need a cost effective and simple display solution for your photograph or artwork? For years we have produced stunning metal print displays for our clientele. Your photo is mounted to a rigid and archival 1/8 inch thick sheet of aluminum composite (similar to Dibond) and then over laminated with a clear .02 inch clear scuff and scratch resistant glossy polyester coating. The result is a beautiful work of art which isolates your image in the most direct way. These displays are light and moisture resistant and can be hung easily with a cleat mounting system which is attached to the back of the aluminum composite panel.
A cleat mounting system and an aluminum frame (for pieces larger than 24 inches by 32 inches) is attached to the back of each display. After mounting, the display sits 3/4” off the wall giving a sculptural quality to the finished artwork. Mounting instructions are included with each display.

Our Metal Print Displays are perfect for home display or for museum or gallery exhibitions. They can also be used as wall displays in product showrooms or sales offices.

These displays are available in sizes ranging from 8” x 10" up to 36” by 48”. For large or special orders or for sizes larger that what is listed here please call us at 609-452-9444.

Allow up to 5 business days for in-house processing.


Metal Prints: An elegant cost effective way to create a simple modern gallery display from your photograph or artwork. Your archival print is mounted to a rigid aluminum composite with a tough, glossy, scuff-resistant, .02 inch polyester overlay.


There are two methods for producing your metal print:

Print Mounted Metal Display: This method offers the ultimate quality for your display. Your archival print is laminated to a metal sheet and then over laminated with a tough clear polyester sheet.


Direct Print Metal Display: Your image is directly printed by our state of the art eco-friendly UV printer to the back of a clear polyester sheet and then archivally laminated to a metal sheet. This process results in a
beautiful display and is the most cost effective method of producing a metal print.