Encapsulated Prints/AKA Big Ass Prints

Welcome to Taylor Photo's Big Ass Prints where discriminating photographers go to have their large prints made. Taylor Photo has specialized in photographic printmaking since the early 1980's. We know what we are doing and we want you to be able to show your work to its best advantage. All of our photographic prints are made on Epson Fiber Paper or on Fuji Crystal Archive paper and developed in fresh RA4 chemistry that is carefully monitored. 

We have recently improved this product by replacing the older laminates with a much tougher scuff and kink resistant .02 inch polyester overlay. There is no better way to encapsulate your prints! 
Our Big Ass encapsulated prints are the ideal solution for artists who need to easily carry or display their work. Encapsulated prints are very light and can be rolled up for easy transport. These prints can readily be exhibited on walls with pushpins or with adhesive Velcro strips (not included).
Our Big Ass Prints are perfect for home/studio display or for museum or gallery exhibitions. They are also an ideal way to make a BIG impression with your clients.

These displays are available in sizes ranging from 10” by 15" up to 48” by 96”. For large or special orders or for sizes larger that what is listed here please call us at 609-452-9444.

Allow up to 3-4 business days for in-house processing.
Noted digital age photographer, Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo (froknowsphoto.com) shares our expertise in the videos below:


There are two methods for producing your encapsulated print:


Encapsulated Big Ass Print: This method offers the ultimate quality for your encapsulation. Your archival print is laminated with archival optically clear Viewbond to a clear polyester overlay and then sandwiched
between a 3 mil laminate which seals and protects the back of the print.






Encapsulated Direct Print: Your image is directly printed by our state of the art eco-friendly UV printer to the back of a clear polyester sheet and then archivally laminated to a 3 mil laminate which serves as the backing for the encapsulation. This process results in a beautiful display and is the most cost effective method of encapsulation.







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