Acrylic Photo Prints

If you’ve ever viewed the photographic work of  the German photographers, Andreas Gursky or Thomas Struth, in any of the museums around the world where their work is displayed, you may have wondered how their photographs are adhered behind the acrylic glass which protects and enhances their photographs. This kind of display system which we call Acrylic Photo Prints, and is also variously known as pleximounts or pleximount displays, is an elegant modern way to exhibit your art work. We have been manufacturing these displays for more than thirty years and have become expert at producing and assembling them in an archival and peerlessly crafted manner.

All of these displays begin with either an Exhibition Fiber Giclée print or a Chromira Fuji Crystal Archive Print. Your archival print is then laminated to a custom made, edge polished 1/4 inch thick piece of acrylic glass with a PH neutral, optically clear ViewBond adhesive, ensuring a clear permanent archival bond. After the print is laminated to the acrylic, a 4 mil sheet of Sintra or polypropylene is laminated to the back of the print for protection and to serve as a surface for mounting hardware which is applied to the back of the assembled Acrylic Display.

A cleat mounting system and an aluminum frame (for pieces larger than 24 inches by 32 inches) is attached to the back of each display. After mounting, the display sits 3/4” off the wall giving a sculptural quality to the finished artwork. Mounting instructions are included with each display.

Our Acrylic Photo Displays are perfect for home display or for museum or gallery exhibitions. They can also be used as the ultimate wall display in product showrooms or sales displays.

These displays are available in sizes ranging from 8” x 10" up to 36” by 48”. For large or special orders or for sizes larger that what is listed here please call us at 609-452-9444.

Allow up to 10 days for in-house processing.

Acrylic Mounted Print Displays offer the ultimate gallery presentation. The thick acrylic glass accentuates color, contrast and saturation and gives your artwork a beautiful sculptural quality.






Click here to watch a video describing how our Acrylic Display Prints are made.